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What We Offer

Retail Stores and Malls

When shelves are well-stocked, floors are clean and the layout is tidy, Stores and Malls will look wonderful.

Large & Small Office

Office mangers and business owners are beginning to understand the true value of a clean and sanitized work environment.

Commercial Warehouse

Its preparing your warehouse for a big client or supplier visit, government inspection or simply adding a quarterly warehouse cleaning to your existing janitorial program.

Multi Tenant & Condo Building

We either work directly with property management companies or direct owners to devise a well thought out cleaning program for the multi tenant and condo building you may manage or own.

Restaurant & Bar

The proper sanitizing of equipment and supplies that come into contact with food in a restaurant or bar is extremely important. Knowledge and the right equipment are needed in order to facilitate a safe cleaning program for your restaurant or bar.

Window Washing

It is the exterior cleaning of windows used for structural, lighting, or decorative purposes. It can be done manually, using a variety of tools for cleaning and access.

Post Construction

We deal directly with general contractors, property managers, and building owners to implement final phase post construction cleaning.

Parking Lots

Parking lot cleaning and maintenance is an important part of owning and maintaining a business, and it is important to take the time to do it right.

Disinfectant Services (COVID -19)

Who does the daily cleaning and sanitizing at your business? Are you confident that every area has been properly sanitized? Would you stake your own health on it?

Medical Clinics

When it comes to medical cleaning, every square inch must be clean AND disinfected with no exceptions. If the medical facility looks clean, it will give patients peace of mind.

Property and Building Maintenance

Buildings that are constructed from materials like brick, glass, wood, water proof membranes and cladding require regular cleaning to prevent any decay of substrates.

Day Cares/Play Places 

Running a daycare facility efficiently poses many challenges. With current events putting an extra emphasis on the cleanlines.

Movie Theatres

Cleaning the movie theater is the most daunting, challenging task. The managers of the theater face more pressure to maintain the sanitary and cleaning facility

Microfibre Colour Coding Program

With a color-coded microfiber program, a different-colored microfiber cloth or mop should be used for a specific cleaning task, job, or area in your facility.

Carpet Cleaning

We are proud to offer professional carpet cleaning services such as carpet steam cleaning services, carpet disinfection and deodorizing, and upholstery cleaning to homes.

Floor Stripping & Waxing

The less-obvious reasons are more practical; stripping and waxing removes dirt and grime that the floor collects.